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In this tier you will receive the following: a personalized voicemail message/greeting from me ( if you feel comfortable giving me your phone number), a signed digital poster of either me, or of me holding a copy of my latest book, and you will be featured in my LGBTQ+ Unlimited magazine, which is a monthly magazine that is digitally distributed. 




First and foremost, hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by. My name is Unique. I have joined the Patreon community for a number of reasons, but none of them are as important as the main one. I want to be able to educate and spread awareness to the world about the LGBTQ+ community that we are all human, we live our lives from day to day just like every one else, the only difference is, who we choose to love. I am an inspiring author, and want to use my writings of non-fictional LGBTQ characters but real situations to show people that we have just as much right to love who we want to love, live where we want to live, and raise families just as well as anyone other couple around the world. Also I want to utilize my magazine entitled LGBTQ+ Unlimited and a tool to reach the masses while my books are being written and waiting to be published. So please help me to get my project going by becoming a patreon. Thank you in advance. 
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I want to know that my content is reaching the masses. And that it is getting the message across. My main objective is to educate those who don't know, and to support those who don't have the support they need. This goal will let me know that I have accomplished that. 
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