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Thank you for your love and support! I know that the road we're on isn't an easy one. It's filled with roadblocks, crazy crossing pedestrians, twists and turns that seem to never end. In a world where the word 'politics' seems to be synonymous with 'corruption' it's no wonder why most people are turned off by it. You see, that's where I come in! I want to enlighten the world! I want to help awaken others just as I was awaked by Bernie Sanders and also make being political a more popular thing to be. More people need to be aware and politically activated! I'm just a 28 year old security guard with 2 jobs trying to make a difference in this corrupt society. I make music and videos. (both entertaining and political) ..I was actually FIRED from a job for making political videos! You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Just google me...I'm everywhere! It's my goal to reach as many people as I can and to help illuminate the path of TRUTH and JUSTICE! ...I know that sounds corny, but It's the truth (and justice lol) So please join me on this journey if you havent already. Let's all connect, comment, share and help usher in the new age of political enlightenment for all! Whether you find yourself on the left, right or even the gooey center...As long as you stand for Truth, Justice and Equality for ALL'll always have a friend in me! It truly takes all kinds!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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