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The Lost Boys Youth Mentors have teamed up with Jumpstart and the Windsong Movements to empower underprivileged and troubled, children and teens in the major cities (starting here in DALLAS).

We have been teaching the kids important life skills including, Conflict Resolution, Yoga, Self Control, Dancing, Music, Singing, Healthy Eating Habits, Time Management and how to use your inner light to make the world a better place.

We run completely off of donations and we used to be able to make EVERY WEEKEND a special time for these children.

Due to budget and volume of volunteers, we had to move back to once a month, but with your donation and helping hand (if you can spare the time) we can bring these children the MUCH NEEDED attention they deserve. Most of these children do not have parents or a proper role model in their life and are forced to reside in a government facility with no windows or even decoration to their rooms.

Your tax dollars only pay for a building and a few employees to make sure the kids are fed and go to bed on time. There are no programs that give the kids the soul and heart they need to survive in this world, and there are no role models in their lives besides our volunteer group.

The kids are always VERY excited to see us and to be able to participate in the programs we offer. We want to make this world a MUCH better place starting from where it matters most, in the hearts and minds of the children (especially those in greatest need). We know that with proper attention and education, these children will grow up to be integral and fastidious members of society. They will be able to use their story/life as example for the generation behind them and so on and so forth.

Please consider donating today so we can give more of our time and attention to these youths who so desperately need a loving hand.

Your donations will be spent on lesson planning, item\permit acquisition, volunteers, and resource for travel.

The long term vision is that one day we can build a facility to house or at least teach these children about agriculture and the basics of systemic operation so that they can have all the info they need to not be caught off guard by life.

Thank you for reading. We hope to have you onboard this beautiful journey of Love, Life, Happiness, and Togetherness.

God Bless
$0 of $100,000 per month
This is going to be for our initial phase of the plan which includes spreading to other city's to assess the needs in each county.

Also it will be for buying educational\musical equipment and material for the children as well as clothes. It will feed volunteers and pay for travel expenses/lesson plans for the kids. It will ensure that there is always someone being able to coordinate and recruit volunteers, and in worst case, pay for labor should there not be enough volunteers.

When I reach 15k I will begin making a podcast and video series, documenting our work.

please see out instagram for updates on our work otherwise!
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