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All patrons that donate towards my Patreon will receive a monthly pack! The pack includes hi-res files, art extras (such as brushes, textures, color palettes, etc). As a thank you! :) It humbles me greatly from your donation to help support me in my goals.




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About Leaf-gem

I'm just a game student that enjoys drawing fan-art from games from my little laptop. All donations will head straight towards living costs and upgrades for my workstation

Monthly packs include:
  • Monthly packs are coming soon!

What I draw:
  • I draw mostly fan art and I am focusing on drawing popular characters from games, TV shows, movies and more. 
  • I LOVE drawing females and males - not so good at drawing mecha, but a challenge is worth to try out! 
  • I can draw game art as well. I LOVE Dragons Age, Assassins Creed, Elder Scrolls, Dragons Dogma and more. :)
What I design:
  • I'm an online graphic designer. I enjoy designing things for RPGs, games and promotional work such as posters, advertisements and banners. My style is modern yet medieval, but I can design pretty much any style that suits anyone's needs.
  • TWITCH menu label packs
  • Websites
  • Logo Design and redesign

My Specs (My software I use)

On my Laptop with my tablet , I currently use Photoshop CS6 and PaintTool Sai. I would LOVE to try out new software to help create my art, however as of now I mostly bounce my artwork between Photoshop and Sai.

When you will you get charged?

You'll get charged once a month. I truly appreciate the people who take out of their hard earn living to help with my dream. I will do my best to give out the best rewards possible to those who pledge/ donate with the best at mind. I know there are many artists out there. However I want people to know that I am doing this from my heart to their eyes and I want to spread my art all over. All donations humble me.
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To help with getting better software and programs. Upgrading my workstation and paying off student loans.
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