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is creating info for medical refugees/patients & professionals who partake
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About Leafleur Magazine

Hello there! Thank you so much for your interest in Leafleur Magazine, run completely by medical cannabis patients and professionals for medical cannabis patients and professionals who partake. My name is Alaina Bernadine and I am the creator/editor-in-chief of Leafleur Magazine. I am what is known as a medical cannabis refugee - someone incredibly ill who was not in a state that allowed medicinal cannabis consumption but for whom traditional pharmaceuticals were not only not working but making things worse and thus had to move in order to get the medicine even doctors said I'd need to actually have some hope of a life.  I know I'm not alone, and after moving thousands of miles across country multiple times I've finally found a safe and medicated place here in Arizona.  Getting here was not easy, and now that we're here it is still a hard journey ahead, but there are still so many of you out there that need help and we hope to be there for you in whatever way we can.

Leafleur is a grassroots lifestyle magazine, network, partakery boutique, gallery, and movement that aims to change the perception and stereotypes faced by patients and professionals who partake in medicinal (and responsibly-used legal recreational) cannabis. We hope to make a difference via the stories, interviews, advocacy, advice, travel information, reviews, podcasts, and more that we share both created in-house and shared from outside credited sources (with permission). Articles will not be focused solely on the use of cannabis, but on the health conditions faced by those who use it as much as their passions, pleasures, interests, and concerns about their lives in general. We are not just about cannabis: we are about people, and together we can make a difference.

At the moment, we are entirely run on our personal volunteer work and our own money as well as any money from purchases in our upcoming boutique collection.  Your contributions through Patreon will allow us to offer more content while also being able to hire freelance and, eventually, staff talent to expand our reach. Paying ourselves and future staff once we cover the costs of running the magazine and sites will also allow us and other patients who work on the site to continue having safe access to their medication while being able to work from home.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

* Dedicated to the millions of medical refugees around the world. *
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