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Access to thumbnails, scripts, character design, and unreleased content from my first comic: Jam Does a Nuzlocke, and any other concept material from other nuzlockes.

Thank You!
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No extra benefits, but you do have my undying thanks for the extra support.




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About Bug

Hi, my name is Tyler, but you can call me Bug!
I'm a constantly improving fan artist with a really high drive to create. I love to get involved in lots of different fandoms, and create art and comics for them. Most of what you'll see from me is Pokemon content for my Nuzlockes, art studies, and commissions. From time to time I do animatics.

What this Patreon is for.
Primarily, the content posted here is Nuzlocke related. For the next handful of years, this is my goal to create for a community I love, making stories I love, until I move into original comics.

As a creator I love to share my work with the world! But there are a lot of rapid changes happening in my life. With your support, I can devote more time to my art, and have better peace of mind when it comes to things such my rent, my hormone therapy, and helping others into better living situations (and animals, if I can afford it!).

Never underestimate how much a single dollar a month can make a difference. To me, that is a difference between a larger lunch, or a drink in the morning, with just you. And as a group, it really adds up. Small things vastly improve my quality of life.

Thanks a bunch!
Each pledge will help me immensely, and I can continue to create art for you. If you know anyone that may be interested, please share my info or art with them! Putting me in contact with more people means more opportunities to succeed.
$2 of $100 per month
If I can hit $100 USD for a month, that will add a little cush to my budget in case of minor emergencies and expenses. I can start to give back to others, as well!
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