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For our Bronze level members, I will personally go to your house and collect the change in your couch cushions to help you meet this goal.  Ok, I'm just kidding there but $1 per month in my world goes a long way to helping us do more with the site and keep it running so...

At the Bronze level, you've probably started to see the value in supporting League Crawler or perhaps you just want one of these sweet badges next to your league?  Either way, we're very grateful for any member that is willing to donate at any level!

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Silver Level - right on, this is the level where you're like, can I support these guys without breaking the bank AND get something to wear to prom?  

At the silver level, you've decided League Crawler is a site that you see the value in and want to support!  Let us know what league you're with and we'll brand it with the Silver Member badge, Parteon badge and we'll even send you a sweet League Crawler T-Shirt!

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Whoa - gold level?  Really?  What kind of coin are you pulling down these days?  Either way, we're honored!  

For our gold level members you receive the Gold Member badge, Patreon badge, Featured League Badge with ability to be found via filter, a League Crawler T-Shirt, Special Recognition in our newsletter AND your league will be listed in the drop down menu on our website as a featured league!




League Crawler was started over four years ago as a way to connect like minded gamers with the leagues that best suit their needs.  We now have over 2,000 members and are expanding our services to support even more games!  
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Once we hit our goal of $100 per month, we will do a monthly game giveaway.  It will be a game of the month style giveaway and will be redeemable via online redemption code.
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