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is creating original music for community building and soul nourishment
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Weekly Video and Story
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Every week I will post a video myself playing a song and sharing the story behind that song. These may be songs that have not yet been released to the public, songs that I'm working on, or songs that I've featured on my albums but that I'd like to revisit. 

My upcoming project is called "Home" and it's all about the physical and spiritual process of building a home, so you can definitely expect to see songs on that topic. 

Behind-the-scenes photos and videos
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I'll share some behind-the-scenes photos and videos of my work-life and rough drafts. 

For instance... last summer I toured with two German Sailors as part of a movie that featured my music, "Blown Away". I took tons of pictures and videos on my journey, I also wrote some snippets of songs, poetry and stories. These will be part of the things that you'll get access to. 

You will also receive access to the weekly song video. 

1-hr Monthly Concert for Patrons
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Once a month, I will play a 1-hr concert on a digital platform for patrons only! If you can't make the concert, the video will be available for you to watch later on. 

You will also receive access to rewards at the aforementioned tiers. 




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About Leah Shoshanah

Dear friend,

My name is Leah Shoshanah and I'm a singer-songwriter, guitarist and cantorial soloist raised and based in Chicago. I am launching this Patreon site as a way to build sustainable and continuing support for my musical work. As a patron, you will have the opportunity to be part of my songwriting process and musical life. At the moment, I am beginning to record my second studio album, so the posts that you will be seeing for the next 6-8 months will be centered around this theme. 

My upcoming album is called "Home." This is an album meant to bring people together in community and nourish the soul. The album has come from where my values and strengths as a musician intersect with the needs of the communities that I have visited and played for over the last two years of touring.

The songs are about building a home that is both physical and spiritual. They are about seeing the beauty in what is around you and, if there is no beauty, taking on the responsibility to create beauty. Some songs are political, some are more personal and some come from prayers that I've written as part of my work as a cantor in the Jewish world. Many songs have mantras within them or moments for the audience to sing along with a chorus. 

As a basic Patreon subscriber, you will be supporting me in covering the costs of album production. In exchange, you will have access to Song Videos, featuring the plethora of songs that I am considering for the album. If you choose to participate on a higher tier of support, you can explore options such as a monthly songwriting tutorial, custom songs, Skype music lessons, behind the scenes video footage and photos and more!

I thank you for helping me to build my "Home". When you build a home, you build a place for love to live. And, as a dear friend said to me the other night, "if life is a game, then love is the prize."

I look forward to sharing this album-making journey with you!

With love,


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When I reach $200 per month I will write a personalized thank you song and share it in a video with all of you!
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