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Besides a thank you, your pretty name will appear in the short's credits and you will be invited to watch the short in Patreon once it's finished. Isn't it delightful? 
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Besides the reward above, you can make suggestions for the sketches each week. Also vote each month on which ones get colored. Sketches and finished art will be made available for all patrons to delight your eyes!

NOTE: Sorry, but no OCs.

If your suggestion is used, you'll be credited as the inspiration (Patreon name will be used unless you notified me otherwise):

  • Name in short movie's credits
  • Doodles and colored Doodles!
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About Leandro Rotholi

Hi, my name is Leandro Rotholi. I'm just a normal person, with a dream: to become an animator and create my own movies. Not just some meaningless images running 24fps before your eyes, but images that spellbound you to believe that you are seeing a vivid breathing world. It may be a story of a caterpillar struggling to live in a titanic world; or a story of an ethereal guardian that safeguards all living things but has been forgotten by the mankind.

I have attended several professionalizing courses at Art&Cia Animation School, such as 3DArtist, 3DShort, and Character Design. Now I want to accomplish my personal goal: to create an animated short-movie to show what I am capable of.

Because I want to attempt an animation-oriented bachelor program. Therefore I need a great portfolio, better than my previous drawings and sketchbooks. So I decided to engage myself in this personal project.

But such a great project can't be executed without costs, right? Thus this Patreon campaign is the best solution to make it happen.

The money will be used for many purposes, such as: paying monthly fees, taxes, and software licenses that I use. It will be also necessary create a fund for hardware's maintenance.
Also, the money will be used to invest in new tools, courses, hardware improvement, and digital marketing.

In other words, if you become a Patron, you will help me to improve more and more my content.

Being a youngling, Ibi is a curious little creature. Compelled by the sunlight illuminating through his burrow’s hole, he tries to see the world beyond it. But being his first time, the world gives him plenty of sensory information. Because of that, his senses are overloaded and all he sees is a completely Blank – he must explore his world little by little to unfold it.

Yeah, the old "what do I gain giving my time and money for that?". But of course, I would never let you down. Here's a briefing of each Reward:

Besides a warmful “thank you”, your pretty name will be in the credits and you will be invited to watch the final work in Patreon once it's finished. *wink*

Cute burping little dragons? Yeah. Kitten warriors fighting against a cardboard dragon? Yeah. An adult crocodile hatching a pumpkin? HELL yeah! A mage Argonian mounting in a troll, waving his fried chicken leg up to his head and shouting "INDEPENDENCE OR OBLIVION"?
... Okay maybe not… but the point is: This reward will be a weekly quick sketching based on an accepted suggestion. And who are going to suggest these drawings? YOU of course. And at the end of the month, there will be a voting poll for you to vote which sketches will be painted.

Now things are getting interesting: not only your name will be in the credits and you can suggest doodles, but also you will receive an exclusive access to every animation's progress posted on Patreon. Concept arts like animation poses, character sheets, storyboard, EVERYTHING for you to see during the month.

Wonderful! To become a Patron in this page, first, you need to create a Patreon Account, there is a button in the upper right corner. After that, you just need to click on the button above "Become a Patron", choose your pledge and your payment method. In case you want or need to cancel your contribution, don't worry. You can cancel it anytime.

If you have more doubts about how to use the Patreon, consult the FAQ clicking here.

Se você é Brasileiro (ou falante de Português), quero que saiba que também tenho uma campanha no APOIA.se, com uma recompensa extra! Interessado? Basta acessar a página aqui.

I thank you for your interest in my project and your wonderful support! Until next time.
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Production's costs/ Custos de Produção

In this project, I am the one man army. I am the director, producer, art director, photography director, animation director, animator, inbetweener, character designer, concept artist, editor, etc; besides being the project promoter and marketing manager.

Once the project is finished, I will post the short-movie to all Patrons to see.

Neste projeto, eu sou o exército de um homem só. Nele eu sou o diretor, produtor, diretor de arte, diretor de fotografia, diretor de animação, animador, inbetweener (que faz os intermeios da animação), designer de personagem, artista conceitual, editor, etc; além de promotor e administrador do marketing do projeto.

Assim que o projeto for terminado, irei postar o curta-metragem para todos os Patrões assistirem.

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