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Show your support and help me create more daily drawings and watercolour illustrations! Pledging at this level includes...

• Support for my art by saying 'hey, I like your work' (thank-you!)
• Access to regular photos of my process and daily life, including original reference photos used for some of my daily sketches! I also like to travel, so guaranteed you will see some photos of my journeys as well

Behind The Scenes
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In addition to the benefits of the previous tier, you will also receive access to...

• Exclusive outline versions of my daily sketches before they are watercoloured
• My monthly vlog where I talk about current art trends, favourite artists' work I'm loving, my art goals and challenges, and general musings on my life in general
• The opportunity to submit questions for my monthly vlog - I also work as a professional graphic designer, ask me anything!

Start to Finish
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In addition to the benefits of the previous 2 tiers, you will also receive access to...

• 1-2 real-time process videos a month, with voiceovers where I take you through from the initial steps of finding a scene or moment to sketch, laying out the full art composition in pencil, inking and finally applying form with shading and watercolour!
• Instastory shoutout! Have an art piece you're particularly proud of? I'd love to share it with my followers on Instagram and link to your art page as well




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About LeanneLand Art

Hi! I’m Leanne - welcome to my Patreon page! 

You may may know me better as LeanneLand Art on Instagram where I can be found sketching my day and creating watercolour illustrations!

I’m so glad you stopped by - I hope you’ll join my Patreon page, I look forward to meeting you! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my Instagram where I post all of my sketches and watercolour art  @leannelandart

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