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My name is Lear Bunda.
I have been unrelenting about making videos since cameras used VHS tapes, I saw Aqua Teen after 9-11 and decided to go to Atlanta to follow my dreams and ended up spending 15 years working on some great shows, learning from some great people, laser honing my skills & finding my own voice. I currently work out of the Eau Gallie Arts District near Cape Canaveral.

I am currently producing 2 series:
  • People to Meet - Host Lear Bunda travels to colorful people with connections to Florida.
  • Quadruple Duple Deeper State - What if ancient alien got it all right?
a Radio Play Podcast
  • The Numismatist  - A man who can change into a coin searches for his lost parents
 Feature Film
  • Intelligent Thinking (Patent Pending) - Feature Film reenactment of my experience with brainwashing &  joining the NXIVM cult.
I am trying to generate a humble following for my work in film, experimental comedy, documentary, editing, podcasting, animation, music, and live events. 

Youtube and Facebook are trying to shut me down since I've been laying down so much truth and with your help I can get my videos out there and perhaps get like an office where I can increase my output. (*nudge nudge*)

Thanks for all the support and for stopping by.

Lear Bunda
Mass Producer of Smiles
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When I get this goal I can have a physical location to work out of where I can be super productive.
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