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June 2017-Handwriting Worksheets
July 2017​There was an Old Lady who swallowed.... Activity Set
August 2017 - All About Me Writing Prompts
September 2017​Football Sight Word Game  
October 2017​Fire Safety Activity Pack 
November 2017​Seek and Find Phonics book 
December 2017 -​Gingerbread Man Activity Pack
January 2017 -​ The Mitten Activity Pack
February 2017​Dental Health Activity Pack
March 2017 -​ St. Patrick's Day Literacy Pack 
April 2017​Not Easy Being A Bunny
May 2017 ​-Sight Word Easy Readers 
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  • We create free videos on youtube that explicitly teach children and adults to read, write and spell.  We have over 400 videos that teach each and every skill necessary to learn to read.
  • We are unique because we EXPLICITLY teach reading.  We have a 120 day program that takes students from reading nothing to reading at a 2nd grade level.  
  • We began in 2012 and have over 450,000 views on youtube.  On our blog we have had over 2 million visitors.  Our primary audience includes English Language Learners, homeschoolers, and parents with students who struggle with reading.  
  • We recently launched a free learn to read app to help people more easily follow along with our program.  
  • On our blog, we provide ideas, crafts, and lessons to help teachers and parents who teach reading.  We make learning to read fun because we want everyone who learns how to read to LOVE reading.  With your support we can continue to offer lots of FREE worksheets and resources for teachers. 
  • You can see reviews of our program here.
Here is an example of a video we just made to help adult students.  The 2nd video in this playlist is the same lesson, more geared to teaching children. 

  • We need a sustainable business model.  We currently create and sell lesson plans to help us survive.  For now, product sales help us pay the bills to maintain our site but as we grow, the bills are increasing too!  Right now we pay $600/month to host our website.  Just to keep us up and running, we need your help!  
  • We choose not to have ads on our learn to read videos.  Ads are distracting and we want students to learn to read.  We don't want to distract them and bring them somewhere else.   
  • Reading is an essential skill.  We want people to be able to learn to read for FREE. We need your help in the growing process.  When you become a patron, we will have specific patron only tips with other (non-monetary) ways you can help us too!
  • We want students not only to learn to read for FREE, but we want everyone to LOVE reading.  As we grow, we are always striving to create fun and engaging ways to help students LOVE to read.  This could include games, animation, hands-on activities, etc.!
  • Initially it will go to pay for services to keep us up and running:  website hosting, email services, video equipment, etc
  • Next we need to work on "search engine optimization" so that when people search "learn to read" on youtube, they find us. Up to this point, our learn to read videos did not sustain us.  As such, we have not spent enough time working on improving this technical aspect.  Instead, we opted to create lesson plans in order to keep the bills paid.  In order to grow, we need to focus on helping search engines to find us.  Your money will help us spend more time to work on videos and get them better optimized for search engines. 
  • Your money will also go toward the salary of our full time staff. Additionally, we occasionally hire contract and temporary employees who are currently paid through product sales. To make our program sustainable, we need to ensure that our staff make a living wage
  • Once basic needs are met, we hope to improve videos and maybe even add animation!  We also want to make available hard copies of our printed books and materials so that we can reach more people and agencies that help people learn to read. We can't wait to see what the future brings!
Thank you in your consideration in supporting us! We recognize that most people that are learning to read are not able to afford to support us.  With your help, we can make reading lessons available to everyone. We appreciate you supporting us to help make our business more sustainable and to help us reach more people.  

$6 of $600 per month
We need a sustainable business model so that we can continue helping people learn to read for free.  Right now we pay $600/month to host our website.  The first $600 each month will go to keep the site up and running.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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