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Le Dédale Kanata is a hydbrid of several funding/grant models into a journalism fellowship. It exists to create a healthier community and scaffolding for truthspeakers and witnesses who share their work because they care. Our inaugural fellow is Fatin Chowdhury and we will be writing an extensive profile on his work shortly. 

This is the Rural Journalist (Asad Chishti, text-support) and the Urban Geographer (Daniel Rotsztain, visual-support) who are operating under the moniker 'Adjacent Furniture'. We are tremendously grateful to our villages to help making this breakfast/brunch babble between brothers (Jewish and Muslim) into something we are hopeful and optimistic about. 

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JK+ LN-M Isu
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Domo aregato to two powerful Japanese-Canadian Women who remind us of the necessity of inquiring into our own conflicting histories.
DJ B + RM Kursi
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Geetchi Meegweetch. A tribute to Denise and Jessica Bolduc, Ryan McMahon, and ______________. All their work that we know of and all their work which we are unaware of is essential and beautiful.
MAK + AK Chaise
per month
Badi mahrbaani, a tribute to Masuma Asad Khan and her fierce vocalization of historical facts.
CB + KM + AJ + DC At’vorr
per month
Kinana'skomitin to Christina Belcourt + Kent Monkman + Anique Jordan, three of the most important truthspeakers ever. 
LM and SB K'ayk
per month
Kinana'skomitin for your longtime truth-listening, seeking, and speaking.
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