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is creating art, books, clothes, experiments, and videos.
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About Seth LeDonne

One of my favorite things about being an artist is sharing my work and what inspires it. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about how an artist works or be a part of their projects, consider joining my Patreon community. This platforms gives you the opportunity to directly contribute to the production of my work and receive behind the scenes content, commentary, and reflections. It's the place to stay super connected/up-to-date and perhaps gets lucky with print and product give-aways.

Financial support is critical to emerging artists. So much labor happens behind the scenes: endless emails, meetings, invoicing, etc. It can be hard to be creative, let alone reflect on the process, especially when we're pulled away by gigs and odd-jobs. This platform will ensure that I can design, paint, and write full-time. All it takes on your end is the initial sign-up, and then your contributions will be automatic, for as long as you’d like to participate.

I’m excited about Patreon because it gives me a place to share more of my process than a portfolio site, instagram, or newsletter provides. While those resources are still available for free, my goal is to provide value to my Patrons by consistently creating and sharing content, just for them. Things like: demonstration videos of some of my favorite creative mediums, online-access to my zines and chapbooks, blog posts, and conversations about the work.

In addition to the patron-only content, the mid and high level tiers offer exclusive products and credit to my online shop. I've successfully used crowdfunding for travel and artist opportunities- and follow through with perks and incentives is super important to me. The customized products available in these tiers have a collaborative element between you and I, and they’ll be one-of-a-kind.

However you’d like to be involved, I appreciate you hearing me out. Art is important to me, but relationships and self-expression are important to everyone. Thanks for being a part of my life <3
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Print: Golden "&"
  • 10 Patrons is our first of many milestones to come.
  • I've worked with ampersands a lot the past three years, and I'm printing an edition of them at the end of October. The first 10 patrons will receive a variant copy - printed in gold ink, signed, and delivered to you. 
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