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About Lee


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Hi! I'm Lee and I draw.

I'm a 26 year old trans boy from Brazil. I'm an animal lover, dog enthusiastic, graduated in graphic design and currently in college for biology.

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Pledging here is another way to show extra appreciation for my art, all while getting some exclusive content. You'll be given access to a number of art related material, and give me precious time and a chance to explore new possibilities for my art.

How does it work?
Sketches, WIPs and other behind the scene images are posted here under no set schedule. I'll usually post batches of 2-4 images at a time. At the end of each month, all patrons will gain access to specific file folders based on their tier of choice.

If you choose to pledge $15 or more, you'll have access to one VIP commission slot every month! This means you won't have to compete with others for a slot during my monthly openings, and you may redeem your commission slot any time you want, regardless of my current commission status!
Thank you for stopping by! 
I deeply appreciate your support! 

Want to show some love, but can't afford a monthly subscription? I also have a ko-fi tip jar where you can make small donations any time, and even get rewards for it!
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If I can reach this goal, I'll start making speed paint videos and post them on YouTube, with special thanks to patrons!
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