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About Lee Presson

Hello there, Lee Presson here. Participant in, or perhaps even the leader of, the spookiest band on the west coast: Lee Presson and the Nails! We've been doing our swing thing for 25 years now and I love it, there's nothing I'd rather do. If fact, we're finally back in production on a new album! I'm also a producer, writer and videographer, so I'm hoping to use this channel to try and get more into that. Here's my youtube channel. If you're interested I'm also on facebook and Instagram. Thank you for your patronage!
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If I can get up to 1k monthly then I can actually pull a living out of this. It is my pledge in return to give to you one long-form and one short-form video per month (at least), and work on the band will continue to our ultimate goal: a new LPN album.
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