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This will be the baseline that form all other Tiers. While I do plan on putting a good amount of public content up, this will also include

  • Blog Post - I will post 2-3 blog post a week showing the current status of my over all goals and some of the new goals I want to achieve as I progress in my journey. 
  • Sketch Series (from 1st draft to finish) - As I build I my portfolio, you will get to see it happen sketch by sketch. As I finish each drawing, no matter how bad they are, I will add them in this series to show the mistakes I made, how I will improve them, and what to expect out of the next sketch. 

I can't thank you enough for supporting me in my journey. You make my heart smile!




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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my Patreon page, my name is Lee. I am guessing you are reading this for my story and why I am here. Well, you are in luck, that is exactly what you are about to read. This story has it all, laughter, sadness, true love (#PrincessBride) and much more. 

I am here as an artist, sketching, drawing, watercolors, painting, and plenty of other creative ideas I have brewing inside my head. Before we get to all those, lets start from the beginning. When I was younger, I was all about drawing. I would sketch and draw during school, after school, and any other time between playing sports. Full disclosure, I am 42 now so I am talking 25+ years ago. After High School, I had a daughter at the age of 19 and had to grow up fairly quickly, so work then became my main focus. As I worked through my 20's I discovered a fascinating thing, computers. I had always loved computers and video games, a Tandy 1000 from Radio Shack was my first computer. However in my 20's Windows 95 changed the game. Now I cringed at Windows 95.

After I got my first real computer, real at the time, I was hooked. I learned everything I could about computers. For the past 10 years I have self taught myself programming, scripting, ethical hacking, as well as application development. I am currently an Information Security Engineer for a large company in Charlotte, NC. So, I cant complain about getting hooked on being a nerd. It has done very well for me.

Back to the drawing part. I was at one time really good but I never thought I would do anything with it. Funny story, I drew my fiance from an image I had in my head years before I even met her. Sadly we lost all those drawings in a flood in 2015 when we lived in Columbia, SC. Still pretty cool right? I drew everything, people, cars, swords, superheros, ANYTHING!

Now lets fast forward to now. Like I said, I am currently an IT nerd but my creative spirit has awaken once again and this time its too powerful to just ignore. There is a reason for that as well. On May 27th of this year, I lost my Mother unexpectedly to a heart attack, five weeks before that, I lost my step-father (her husband) as well. These 2 life events have opened up my perspective on life in ways I could have never imagined. I started drawing again about 6 weeks ago and the peace I get when I draw is unexplainable. It is a wonderful form of therapy. 

While as sad as that is, I don't want anyone to read that and feel sorry for me. Yes it was very tragic, and I'm not sure when I will be, or if I will ever be, fully over it. But for now, I have a wonderful support group and I am back to drawing and being creative. My main supporter is my fiance Amber. We are getting married in September. She is also an Artist, she loves her acrylic paintings and yes, we are a crafty couple! 

Since you have read this far, let me tell you why I am here. Well, honestly, I am not sure. I want to get better at my art. I want to become a phenomenal artist. I can't forget my nerd background though, so digital arts intrigue me as well. My goal is to own a studio to work at, showcase art at, develop digital creations at, and feel the peace I feel when drawing full time. I don't expect for this to happen over night, or even in a year, but I do expect me to always follow my heart and right now God is sending it plenty of messages. 

What is next for my Patreon page? Not sure on that either (I really hope I remember to come back and edit this after I have all this figured out, if not someone remind me haha!). I am working on a lot of ideas, this is one of them. For now I just wanted to introduce my self and thank you all for visiting my little corner of the internet. Take care everyone and stay blessed!

Lee H

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I will be looking to start a blog series to show the progress I make through out this journey. Once this goal is reached I will start working on a getting the things needed to get this up an running. 
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