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is creating Legends of Xorath - A 2D MMORPG based on Open Tibia

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Hello everyone, I see that I've peaked your interest to see what the fuzz is this all about... Well... You came to the right place, allow me to explain...
I'm currently creating a MMORPG game server based on Open Tibia engine 
I aim to completely change the meaning of "MMORPG" games and raise the bar to such a high standard. The features i'm putting to work here are unheard of in large and popular MMORPG games and it might at first seem impossible for a simple game based on tibia, but with using the latest and greatest TFS 1.3 Engine, I'll have to have your mind completely blow.
Behold the list of Features for Legends of Xorath:
  • Large continental map
Xorath filled with secrets, areas to explore, dangers to tread, beauties to behold. no more random islands and zones that doesn't make sense, very limited amount of portals, Of course there will be ships/caravans to quickly take you from one major city or town to another, but the rest will be on foot or on mount. 
  • Multiple human kingdoms
Humans are the most dominant species on Xorath and they have erected civilization everywhere, however their different ideologies have left them separated into different kingdoms, each with their own religions, diplomatic personality, architectural style, cultures and -most importantly- territories.
  • Multiple starting locations
As a player, you will always start as a villager, a hard-working citizen of one of the human kingdoms. You feel that there is more to life than being a villager, yes it may be peaceful and pleasant, but the world out there is waiting to be explored. You may or may not have a hidden latent talent within you, but that surely will not sure not stop you to search for your destiny. 
  • No Vocations
This might be a surprise for you, but do not panic, you will not remain a noob forever. the truth is having no vocation means that you can be whatever you wish. No more being confined to a single vocation only to find out that it doesn't suit you well. Do you wish to become a Holy knight, imbuing your weapons with divine powers to smite your enemies? sure. Wish to become a master of all elements? that's also fine. A supreme generalist whose strength lies in his versatility? a Jack of all trades? All of that is fine. you are who you choose to be.
  • Monster Rarity
Monsters are not the boring and repetitive mob you just grind up for exp and loot, in the wild, monsters comes in different Variants, some stronger than others, some have a hidden ability or two, the harder the monsters variant becomes, the better your loot and experience rewards will be.
Monsters usually come in 4 different Variants:
Normal - Nothing out of the ordinary here. just your regular monster.
Rare - Marked by a white skull, these beasts have a bit more health and deals more damage
Epic - Marked by a yellow skull, significant higher bonus with a chance of gaining an extra ability
Legendary - Can be classified as a boss variant. they will not be easy, you might not survive an encounter with one. 
  • Item Rarity
Just like how monsters have variants, Items will do too.
as mentioned previously, Harder variants of monsters will have a higher chance of dropping better loot, no. that doesn't a legendary variant wolf will give you golden armor. What that means is it would drop a better variant of a piece of gear/weapon. for example, an Epic variant rotworm will have a higher chance of dropping a [UNCOMMON] quality sword, which would give it +6 attacks and defense, now that's a good upgrade.
Beware tho. there bad quality upgrades, these will reduce the quality of your item, they may be sold off to a vendor, destroyed for crafting materials or upgraded to a better gear. 
  • Crafting & Upgrades
normally a crafting system would have u gathering materials in order to create your desired item of choice, this is no different however. In this case -given that you have learned the recipe- you'll be able to craft a specific variant of an item. (think [LEGENDARY] quality of blessed shield for example)
other than crafting pieces of gear, you can craft upgrading materials that can be applied on your items to buff it in one way or another (like damage, defense, elemental enchant, etc), This system is heavily inspired by zbizu's wonderful and ingenious upgrade system. great props to him.
  • Economy & Trade
Each captial, city and town in Xorath will have it's own Economic system which will affect everything in it directly: from shop prices to the amount of guards, security personnel, housing and rent prices, city maintenance, amount of shops opened, etc
the city's economy is directly influenced by the players in them. buying from the shops will increase the city's wealth, thus granting it more budget, thus will make it hustling and bustling. on the other end, selling to shop will take money from the city's treasury and deflates the prices but will also drain the city's budget and might leave it weak to attacks and ugly from lack of maintenance.
one way to move wealth around the kingdoms while making a decent profit and exp from it is trading. you can start a trading caravan full of goods and head out to another city with less deflation and sell your goods for profit. beware of brigands and thieves, they will surely try to strike when you least expect it.

  •  Combat & Expertise
One of the biggest attraction in any game and here is no exception. the combat is mostly the same as usual but with extra features by yours truly. For starters there is a combo system, you will deal slightly more damage with each consecutive and quick attack. combos will go up with each successful hit (melee or spell) and will break if there are no successful hit in the span of 2 seconds.
Mastery is another new feature in combat, as times goes on and as you gain experience in combat with weapons and spells, you will gradually become better and more efficient with your weapons. be careful tho. becoming a true master is no easy task and can force you to specialize since switching to another weapon or spell element will require to take the path of mastery for them as well.
  • Spell, Skills and You
Throw all you know about old school spells out of the window, this system has been reworked from the ground up.
There are now Spell words and skills, Spell words as the name suggests are individual words that do nothing by themselves, but by combining different words you can unleash devastating magic of your own design.
Skills are more of a traditional spell design, but they are more catered to melee combat, they require less mana and are faster to activate than spells.
  • Reputation and Bounties
Every action you do on Xorath provides you experience, but also provides you reputation whether positive or negative, positive reputation with npcs, towns and kingdoms can be gained by doing good deed, completing quests, donating coins, and general be a good lawful person, it will grant you boons and perks. Negative reputation however is the direct opposite, can be obtained by insulting npcs, fighting in-cities, killing npcs, doing so will land you a hefty bounty on your head, every guard and player will be out to hunt you. Negative reputation may give you personal perks, but at the cost of being hated by entire communities.
Bounties are placed automatically upon doing terrible deeds, however that doesn't mean u'll be immediately hunted if u have a bounty of 1 gold coin on you. Small amounts of bounties will get you pestered by guards and NPCs until you pay your own bounty off, larger bounties will have you hunted by the local territory, significant bounty may cause you to be hunted by everyone within the kingdom.
  • Lawful and Criminal guilds
Guilds have always been a very... lackluster aspect of many games. they are usually a group of players came together to form a small community and that's it... in Xorath however, it is different.
Guilds are now one of most influential aspects of Xorath's politics and power struggles and they come in two shapes:
Lawful Guilds- your standard law abiding community who take care of the city or town they reside in, they can earn influence and can shape their local politics through good deeds and official procedures.
Criminal Guilds- operating from far lands, hidden from sight, these bands of scum will use any means possible to control, sabotage, extort, murder and steal their way into a position of power. if left unchecked, they can become powerful enough to destabilize an entire kingdom.
  • Influence, Territories and Diplomacy
As a player, you will always start as a villager, a hard-working citizen of one of the human kingdoms. You feel that there is more to life than being a villager, yes it may be peaceful and pleasant, but the world out there is waiting to be explored. You may or may not have a hidden latent talent within you, but that surely will not sure not stop you to search for your destiny.
  • Companions and Mercenaries
You might run into an exceptionally hard monster that has given you a thorough beating, or having trouble with a quest, or simply looking for protection out in the wilderness. With the right price, you can hire several NPCs or mercenaries into your party, they will share your EXP but you get to have all the loot. Take care, upon their death it may take hours for them to respawn.
  • Plots, Houses and Guild halls
Housing will be slightly different. Some houses in Xorath's cities and towns will be inhabited by NPCs and Merchants, some will be rented out to players for prices that varies depending on the economy of the city, there will be a few empty land plot that will be up for rent, upon purchasing said plot, you will have the ability to choose which building to purchase and build from an architect, not every blueprint is available from the get-go, so in order to find the perfect design, you might have to travel for a bit, after settling on your preferred design, you can pay a relatively small fee to an engineer to start construction on your house, this might take a few days to complete.
  • Research and Perks
Monsters usually drop a lot of useless junk, yes some of them might be useful in crafting, but what about nails, ears, bits and pieces that all you really care about is finding someone to sell them to?
Fret not! many of these creature products can be used in order to research and learn more about these creatures, their behaviors, weaknesses, strengths, and other strange and unexpected insights.
Research can grant you perks, creature-specific buffs, spell words, crafting recipes, and more.
$0 of $250 per month
Reaching this goal would enable me to learn and/or hire a client expert to update the game with new sprites, better UI interfaces and other fancy and properly polished client features.
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