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Knowledge is Power !

Hi. My name is Oz Yilmaz, a photographer and a film director with over 20 years of experience. I produce reviews on Leica cameras, lenses and gear to share with you my knowledge, experience and insights. By making these reviews, I am hoping to bring you the the most honest, unbiased and informative reviews. In a way to help you make better buying decision, learn about all the developments and products that are coming out and more importantly share with you how you can get the most out of your camera and lenses.

So, I am asking for your support to help me to produce these reviews by dedicating time, effort, and research to test, examine and cross compare each Leica lens, camera and gear to better inform you about their merits and shortcomings.

Independent Reviews

Every month I will review a number of lenses and cameras to tell you all about it. My reviews though will consist of user friendly informative, unbiased examinations on the pros and cons of using them.

You see, most reviews that are on Youtube are sponsored by some camera company or camera shop that wants to sell you their products. That is why, they are often misleading and downright dishonest because both the reviewer and the sponsor have vested financial interests in making sure that you buy their product.

Leica review is independent that means we are not paid to say what certain people with financial interests wants you to hear; we review each Leica product based on its merits and tell you about what you are getting and help you to use it most efficiently. This way, you are learning about your camera, lens and gear, also, developing your skills as a photographer.

Your Support

Your support enables me to invest my time, energy and skill to making sure that I have done research and talked to the experts on each of the gear I am reviewing. This way, I can tell you all about how it will perform and if it is wise to buy it.

Research and testing is only the beginning of preparing a review, then, there is the filming, editing, color correction, sound matching and a host of other technical things that I have to pay for and that is where your contributions help me to make the videos. Instead of low quality videos, my team and I deliver you 4K quality videos with the best information available.

Your support lets me focus on making the most valuable content for you instead of spending as much time focusing on the financial side of how to deliver it to you. It also helps me to spend time doing in depth examination of lens and camera, speaking to engineers, developers, technicians, travelling to trade shows to learn about all the important details that will help you with understand what each equipment will deliver.

Investing in Knowledge

Even if you only contribute a few dollars that is important and it goes a long way in helping us to produce these independent and unbiased reviews. I will be devoting a considerable portion of my time to ensure that you are getting to learn about each Leica camera, lens and share with you my knowledge in photography with simple tutorials and tips.

With your support, I can post a new videos on Youtube on regular basis and inform you of the upcoming products and reviews. More importantly, I will also give priority to the cameras, lenses and equipment that you would like me to review. So, if you are an avid photographer and contemplating on whether to buy the new camera you have been reading about, I will do the review for you to tell you if that is a worthwhile investment. In effect I will help you to make the most prudent buying decision.

Meet Oz Yilmaz

As a photographer and a filmmaker with more than 20 years of experience. I have used, tested, researched, purchased or sold just about all the equipment that has been important and I am here to share with you my experience and knowledge.

As an additional benefit of supporting me, I will send you information on where to purchase your favorite equipment at a discount and answer question you may have with regards to purchasing or upgrading your equipment.

As an additional benefit of supporting Leica Review, you will get discounts on my Photography Workshops, and receive discounts on Leica products.

So, please help me to help you to make better buying decisions and learn about the exciting new cameras, lenses and gear. 
$5.25 of $2,000 per month
WE ARE LOOKING TO RAISE 2k (that is per video for at least 4 a month). Eventually, we want to do two videos a week and offer special insight into photography and filming tutorials). This is the bare minimum amount needed to pay sound and light technician, film colorist, editor, and cover mastering the sound.
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