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Pledging $1 will help keep The Regender Project up and running. As a thank you for your generous support, you'll receive a free regendered novel so you can see for yourself what a regendered novel is like. You will also receive access to my exclusive creator posts, though I haven't decided what they might entail yet.




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About Leif Smart

Hi! My name is Leif Smart and I'm an author.
I'd like to tell about something I've been working on for a while now: The Regender Project. 

Having been raised by a single mother, along with my older sister, I learned at an early age how capable women are. Yet in nearly all the books, movies and television shows I enjoyed growing up, I was presented in a vastly different picture. Most of the characters, and certainly the most important ones, were filled by men, with woman relegated to the supporting cast or as the tacked on love interest. The rare exceptions, such as Ellen Ripley or Buffy, were few and far between.

Like most people, when constantly presented with such depictions from an early age, I just learned to accept this situation as normal, and not see any problem with it. But it is a problem. While there are differences between the genders, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, women are just as capable as men. There are also just as many of them, so there's no reason why less than a third of named or speaking parts are given to them.   

While there is a growing awareness of this issue, and great strides are being made to address it, we still have a long way to go. It's a road made harder because we are still reading and taught from classic works containing the same distorted view of the genders. Therefore, I have come up with The Regender Project. It's aim is to demonstrate how unbalanced the genders have been represented by rewriting classic works of literature with the genders of all the characters swapped. So the males become females and the females become males. Not only does this demonstrate the gross imbalance that's existed for far too long, it also gives us a chance to read these classic works in a whole new way. Stereotypes are challenged as now it's women filling prominent positions, such as doctors, lawyers, and ship's captains. All without reference to their gender, as happens all to often with modern examples. 

While these novels will be available for purchase as ebooks, your patreon support will help ensure I can devote enough time and resources to create two new regendered novels  each month and contribute to the ongoing battle for gender equality. 
$0 of $400 per Regendered Novel
Once I reach this goal, I'll create and release a personal thank you video to show my appreciation for all your support.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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