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Hi friends! What's a "Lo-Fi Let's Play"? Come gently explore vintage games and mysterious old design forms with me! It's part historical study and analysis, part sharing our pure and primordial memories of obsolete, vanishing games.

Popular video game Let's Plays usually involve loud humor and cutting-edge reviews -- I speak softly over games hardly anyone cares at all about anymore. I think these works are still so beautiful and interesting, and anyone who loves graphics, design, video games or vintage computing may find something to love about them.  Most episodes run 20 minutes, fun but not too demanding of your time. 

My Lo-Fi Let's Plays reportedly have broad appeal among fans of ASMR content, too. "Lo-fi" doesn't just refer to the crudeness of the vintage games, but of my setup itself -- I've been told the combination of a soft voice, the inbuilt microphone and the tapping of keys create weird and soothing sensory experiences.

If you'd like to check it out for yourself, the first, experimental "season" of Lo-Fi Let's Play still lives at my YouTube channel. There are classic adventures, weird surgery games, international dramas, and even an episode of Carmen Sandiego I recorded while hiding in an airport. What started as a fun outlet for me to recapture some of the sense of mystery and wonder I once felt about games became much more popular than I expected, and now people ask me all the time when I'll make more episodes.

Thanks to the magic of emulation and the tireless work of archivists, the videos cost me nothing but time and love to make, and they are and will always be ad-free and available to all on YouTube. But sadly, life as a freelancer means that the things I get paid for need to come first, leaving passion projects to languish.

If you have loved Lo-Fi Let's Play, your backing simply means I can make more episodes, more consistently. Backing is per video, so you'll only be charged for the content I actually release. Your funding also enables those who can't afford to contribute to continue enjoying the series, as I'll never put anything behind a paywall. With more substantial backing, I can eventually expand the mandate, listen to what you would like to see and hear more of, and spend time expanding my emulation skills and featuring even more games -- maybe even modern indie games that fit the "lo-fi" criteria! 

Thanks so much for supporting this weird journey! 
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Lo-Fi Let's Play is a "no hits" enterprise -- you can watch a Monkey Island let's play anywhere, so I stick to the little weird stuff. BUT If we reach this tier, I'll do regular longplays (like our Colonel's Bequest video!) of some familiar classics I know you'd love to see, joined by Quinns and other special guests.
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