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About Len Peralta

Hello Internet Friends.

My name is Len Peralta and for the past seven years or so, I've been able to eek  by a living drawing cartoons and comics.

I have a ton of projects sitting on my desk.  Comics projects.  Book projects.  Game projects. A lot of them are labors of love. (Translation: I would have to ignore paying gigs to put any time into them).  

One of these projects is TenState, the series I co-created with my friend, collaborator and writer Tom Merrritt.  To date, Tom and I have done five issues of TenState, that you can purchase here or download from Comixology. We had another five issues of Season One to set up. Beyond that, another four seasons are in the works.  It's a lot of content. And through Patreon, we can complete this project! 

But wait, Len.  Haven't you funded projects through Kickstarter?  Why not use that platform?
Yes. Both Tom and I have been fairly successful funding projects like Geek A Week and Sword and Laser on Kickstarter.  (In fact, TenState became a reality on that platform as  the first five issues of TenState were funded via Kickstarter) But Patreon is different.  Instead of collecting a set amount of money toward one specific goal, Patreon is like a subscription service.  Through Patreon, You are becoming a real patron of the arts. Just like in the olden days! 

Need more reasons to support us through Patreon?  Here are a few to consider:

1. You like me. You like Tom. You really like us! Needless to say, this goes a long way.  If you like what we do and want to support what we do, Patreon is  great way to do that.

2. You've wanted to commission me and support me, but it's tough to afford me in your budget. I get it. Everyone is stretched. But for a very minimal amount of money, you can get my art and start that Len Peralta wing in your house that you've been dreaming about. :)

3. You want our comic TenState to continue. This is a great way to do that.  If we make enough per month, Tom and I can continue working on the comic and continue and developing the story.  Beyond that, we can also add a team to the project and hire a professional colorist and letterer if we make enough per month. I can also add real print issues to the mix!  But most importantly, the story can go on!

Keep in mind that this is a fluid interaction. You can increase, decrease or cancel your pledge at any time.  

Thank you for considering becoming a "Patreon".  We look forward to continuing the series and making an awesome comic for you.

You rock.
Len and Tom
$34 of $275 per page
If we hit this funding milestone, Tom and I will start working on new issues of TenState! Per page!
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