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Does something trouble your mind?
Have you not been knowing how to move on with something? Is there an inner itch that cannot be itched? Is work stressing you out to the point where it affects your peace of mind? You might have a misaligned and noisy mind, or old stagnant energies to clear out.

I’m a mindfulness coach that guides you through your inner journey.
I help people manage stress, transform their unhappy minds, clearing their past emotional baggage trough guided meditation combined with holistic philosophy. Discover who you really are behind the facade and all the roles that you and others play! There is immense depth to you that you probably overlooked for your entire life. Your natural state of being is one of peace, just as children are naturally joyful.

This has the potential to transform your life completely.
You can start to live life easily and find the source of pure and excessively abundant happiness within. You don’t need to do whatever you do to fill an endless emotional void within yourself. The mind is supposed to serve you, not drain you.

If what you think is making you feel bad, then you can align the mind and restore the proper function of it. Reprogram and silence the excessively busy mind! Create a healthy mental landscape! Unnecessary mind-noise that drains your energy, thus making the thinking process extremely inefficient. Imagine being able to shut up your mind, and enter the state of flow consistently.

Effortless and incredible action trough non-action.
Have you ever seen an elite athlete who enters this state? They preform miracles! A state of being where you do not forcefully do anything. You do not become the doer, it is rather being done trough you. You become the watcher of what is done.

My services
- One on one sessions;
Mindfulness coaching, guided meditation, emotional healing.
- Advanced mentorship program.
- Special requests; contact me if you have any special requests!

About my services
One on one sessions - I’ll consult you about anything regarding your journey, we can talk about whatever you want. Perhaps you need emotional healing, which is like going to a chiropractor for your bodymind. Or maybe you just want to shut up and practice being & silencing of the mind. It’s all good! We can talk online, phone, mail or meet up face to face. Whatever you prefer. 100€ / h.

Advanced mentorship program - This is the potential to transform your life completely. If you feel that you need some serious life transformations regardless of your circumstances - this is the one for you. It is not a quick fix; it requires dedication and bravery to face your darkness once and for all. But you will gain a stability that’s not of this world. It requires you to change some fundamental beliefs about what you consider to be reality. This might frighten your ego-mind, but the truth is that you are a being beyond this world. You will be able to transcend your ego and learn how to consistently dwell and act from the center of your being. This program is for people who want to take the next step in their evolution! Price - More information coming soon!

About me
I’ve learned this trough intense self-studies since 2013 when my own spiritual awakening was spontaneously triggered by kundalini energy, followed by a serious mental breakdown. I experienced extreme suffering to the point where i felt that i died, only to wake up to the realization that i am not what i think or experience. I am the observer of whatever happens in the field of awareness; not the content of it. This changed my life completely in just one second. The kundalini energy was re-activated spontaneously march 2018, taking me to the highest places of love that a human being can experience. I sometimes feel so much love, as if i have the entire sun in my heart. This sort of love is not of this world.
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