Leo Campasso

is creating 2D ANIMATION



About Leo Campasso


Animation Director & Character Animator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Born in 1988 . Doing animation since 1997.
Part of the New generation of Digital Animators.
- 1997 to 2007 : Began Experimenting and Studying Animation.
- 2007 : Began working for Cartoon Network, Fox and Disney in Hook Up Animation Studio.
- 2008 One dot zero festival selected one of my works in New Talent Category.
- 2009 Graduated from my Career (Integral Cartoons Producer), i done my first tesis called Insert coin. Then selected by Vimeo and shown in Vimeo Staff Picks.
- 2009 My first professional Animated short called Wild Wind was shown in Newgrounds frontpage, the best portal of Flash Animation.
- 2010 My second professional Animated Short called Travelers was selected by Vimeo too, and was shown in the frontpage of Vimeo Staff Picks.
- 2010 I was involved in the creation of Gluko & Lennon Pilot, recently premiered in Amazon Kids.
- 2010 to 2017 I began working as Indie Director & Animator.
- 2011 Travelers was selected by Pictoplasma (Berlin), one of the best Animation Festivals around the world.
- 2012 Travelers was recognized by the best animation portals like Cartoon Brew, Motionographer, Catsuka. And commented by animation stars like Thurop Van Orman, Keith Lango.
- 2013 : I have a Record Guiness ! Haha. Emm ... not directly but Punga called me to participate in the integral animation production of the World's Smallest Movie : A Boy And His Atom. I done Character Design, Animation, and Technical Animation Direction.
- 2014 : My work was selected by local animation festivals like Bafici and Expotoons.
- 2015 to 2017 Working for brands like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox by the hand of the best Studios from Buenos Aires, and all around the world, doing Animation Direction and Character Animation in Freelance mode.