Ronan aka leomon32

is creating bara and size difference arts !
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As soon as you donate 4$, I grant you the access to folders where I put my work in hires and the drafts - lineart folders plus some surprises from time to time^^. You will find these links on my posts (they are open to 4$ and more Patron only). From time to time, I will upload more !



About Ronan aka leomon32

Hello everyone,

I think you know me from my Deviant Art page so here we go. On a good side, I finally get a job but on the bad side, still need your help big time here since everything is expensive.

What I draw :

- Only SFW art, no porn,
- Giants and macro-microphile related,
- Anime, video-games and original characters,
- Bara style art as mostly men,

Here's the deal, for a 4$ per month fee :

- I let you download all my work in high definition over Patreon,
- Let you download some exclusive and time content,
- Let you download some drafts, project and exclusive edits.

Be aware that you will have access to all my work in the past AND all the work in the future too, all my posts are available on the pledge!

To download the pictures you have to click the link under the description (attachement) what you see is only a preview, I have a 3mbps connection and can't post the fullview as the main.

Of course, if you want, you still can buy them one by one on DA.

Of course, anything can help, so don't hesitate, your support means my motivation !

Thanks a lot !
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