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About Leonor Graça Moura

Last year I decided that my talent and energy are way too precious to be invested in any other project than me so I quit my job and got myself in a very curious situation.
I'm happy I did it although it has been a very crazy ride! Now I've decided to build my own business, be my own boss and hire my own employees.

I had no idea where to start but as I reflected on my life there was this deep interest in the tarot cards. It got me very puzzled, there was no way to understand those crazy and interesting images.
I started obsessing over the subject, and because I had no money to take a course on it or buy any books, I decided to learn it my own way, painting my own deck.
I've watched countless videos and researched on the web about multiple decks and different meanings about each image.

The major arcanum are the 22 cards (out of 78 in total) that represent archetypal themes and life lessons in one's spiritual journey. Their meanings are often deep and complex but it was my purpose to make them friendly and accessible for everyone to understand the main context.
Funny enough, I didn't paint (stamp) them according to the regular order but rather randomly. It startled me that, often, the lesson I was working on was presenting itself in my life :)

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