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So! You Want To Be A Writer?

Me too. OMG we have soooo much in common, let's hang out!

If only life were that simple. We wouldn't need writers because reading would be something we only did to shopping lists.

But life is more complicated, which thankfully means that despite the existence of reality television and The Vampire Diaries some people still like to read books. But even so, they may not wish to read your books, or mine.

This will make us both sad, where is the joy in a book that nobody ever reads? Thankfully some of the joy is in having written the book in the first place. I have a lot of that joy. The other joy, the joy of knowing people have read and like your book, that has been slower coming.

For you too, huh?

Here's what happened, or at least what happened at the moment. In 2006 I started writing a book for my wife. That book's called Starfall. It's taken me until now, in 2017 to get that book to a point where I'm happy to let other people look at it. I haven't worked on it constantly but I have always returned to make it better than it was and to put together the best package that I could.

I learned a lot writing that book, like don't write something that winds up longer than Return of the King unless you know people are going to read it or you just really, really mean it.

As I'm not George R.R. Martin I guess I really mean Starfall. I mean, it's not a perfect reflection of who I am now, but it is a number of things that I think add to the world as a whole, a positive contribution.

Another thing I learned is that not finishing Starfall was standing in the way of me really getting on with anything else. I would be working away on other projects and thinking: shouldn't you be finishing Starfall?

And the answer was yes. Yes I should be finishing Starfall.

And from October 23rd you should be reading Starfall. I think it would make your top 10 of books you read this year, as long as you like dark fantasy or horror.

So I am a writer. I have achieved what I set out at the beginning of this blurb so maybe I should have asked:

So, You Want To Be A Self-Published Writer Who Also Works At A Day Job To Pay The Bills And Has A Family To Support

Well no, not want, exactly, but that's what I am. And I am doing this here for fans and for no other reason. I write things that deserve to be read. Join me here and I will be happy to have you read them.
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I will be able to take a day off every month to write at this level. That's 8 whole hours of sustainable writing. It will also mean 250 people actually care what it is I create. 250 is way more people than I can fit in my monkeysphere. Mind. Blown.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
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