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About Lesley Rowland

Heyy! :)

You most likely know me from YouTube where I post music videos (throwback!), tell stories, share my life through vlogs, and take on crazy challenges. I want to keep doing what I love: entertaining and hanging out with YOU! 

I understand that not everyone can commit to a monthly pledge but still wants to support. I have created an Amazon Wish List where I'll make sure to unbox your gift on camera, give you a shoutout, and send you a personally handwritten Thank You card (if you choose to include your address.) Also, I've written a blog 'How to Support Your Favorite YouTubers for FREE' for everyone. 

Thank you for the constant love and support. ILY!!

~ Lesley

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LesleyyX1
Blog: https://www.lesleyrowland.com/journal

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1. Please note that my Patreon is set to charge right away. This is to create fairness amongst all of my supporters. After that, you will be billed at the first of every month.
2. If you have any questions or concerns about my tiers, payment, etc., please reach out to me.
3. My tiers will never include anything pornographic. I want to make sure I'm providing everyone with realistic expectations.
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