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About Leslie Foster

If you landed here because you're curious about my latest project "Heavenly Brown Body," welcome! The film is a short experimental piece based on the poetry of Mark Aguhar (1987-2012).

It uses the words of her poem, "Litanies to My Heavenly Brown Body" as the basis of a queer rite that features by three queer performers, seers if you will. We're shooting in mid-May and I'm really excited that we're this close to bringing it to life!

The poem plays with the structure of the psalms and the Beatitudes and in a similar way, the film seeks to queer and subvert both the imagery of icons and saints and slick commercial imagery, which is almost never used to celebrate queer, trans, fat, disabled and non-white bodies.

Signing up will get you access into my process as we head towards production, behind-the-scenes moments, and peeks at pieces of the project way before anyone else! While I'd love to have you as a long-term traveler, I totally understand if you want to make your patronage short term through the Summer or Fall just to support "Heavenly Brown Body," I completely understand.

A Little About Me
I'm a freelance experimental filmmaker, installation artist, writer, and activist. All of those various facets of myself get distilled and expressed in my experimental work. I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember and love using that medium as a way to explore ideas and experiences.

My work focuses on providing space for voices that are far-too-often ignored and is centered in the lives of marginalized people, especially queer folks and people of color. My films explore joyful resistance to systemic oppression and imagine new ways of being in this world.

In our current socio-political climate, I've decided that I'd like to use the funds I get here not only to pursue my experimental work, which will continue subverting and challenging systemic oppression but to also support individuals and artists who are actively challenging the current administration. This is a pretty important moment and I want to contribute what I can, so your support will help me donate my time to important causes.  

I've been incredibly lucky to pursue my art and I'm always working on ways to grow and learn in order to create content that is meaningful to you and many others. Thanks for stopping by!

Check out some of my work here: http://leslieoster.art

Why I Decided to use Patreon and How You Can Help
Filmmaking and installation building is expensive, time-consuming work, which becomes difficult when an artist is juggling healthcare, living expenses, and odd jobs.

It is incredibly important to me that my collaborators and crew are compensated fairly and I won’t create work unless this is possible. I’m also committed to working with crews that are centered on marginalized people and your funding helps this become a reality!

Film gear is expensive both to purchase and maintain and funding this Patreon allows me to use high-quality equipment to create beautiful and thought-provoking projects.

Artist residencies can be vital to mid-career artists and serve to provide a network of other artists as well as a space to hone skills. However, without financial freedom, it can be difficult to take the time required for a residency.

Finally, I love getting the chance to mentor young artists and filmmakers and I love getting the chance to be vocal and participate in activism. Patreon allows me the time and peace of mind to be able to do this.


I'm passionate about sharing the work I do and as a patron, you’ll get an inside look at current projects, sneak peeks at future concepts, and get the scoop on what it’s like to create a film-based gallery show from the ground up! Check out the rewards in detail to the right.

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