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About Nicholas Rund-Reyes

Hello and welcome to Let's Play TEW 2013, I am 2k (aka TEW K) and this is ... My Patreon Page? Yes indeedy in a way to try to build and grow the channel I have taken the jump to Patreon. The most basic of goals no ads and more content, but hopefully with some truly fun and channel specific rewards .

What will my money be going towards? - This is the most important question, no?  If I am asking for even a single dollar you should know what the money is going towards. Here's a breakdown.

Removal of ads from both YouTube channels. 
Doubling the target number of LetsPlayTEW episodes from 5 to 10, including a couple more series.
One of these new series may be other GDS text based simulations.
Let's Play Something Else!
Indy Game Reviews or Simulation Game Reviews

I do believe that over the last year and change I have amassed the greatest fans a guy could ask for and you all have given me the drive and support to keep pumping out videos! Even if this Patreon makes zero dollars I want you all to know how much I appreciate every one of you. From those silent lurkers who watch but don't subscribe to to the lot of you who are at every Live Stream. 

Thank you.
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Easy enough: for each month above this threshold I will take off ads on my YouTube videos!
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