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About Let's Taste

Thank you to everyone supporting us!

Our youtube channel is pretty much demonetized and even videos like "Reading Youtube Comments" gets instantly demonetized even without puke, swear words, partial nudity, political news. It seems it does not matter.

We want to do bigger videos, which in return cost a lot more and right now that is very hard for us to do.

We have never really been dependent on the low income that we got from Youtube, however it did help and now when it's gone any contribution would help us keep the channel alive.

We will try to make your contribution more than worth it.

Thank you very much,
Claes and Johnny

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So we really want to do bigger videos in our channel and some of our equipment is worn out, this is of course holding us back economically.

Our channel will always be free, but we could use some help keeping it alive.

If we reach 20 Patreons we will do a Patreon only bonus video, showing our "Studio".
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