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  • Every little bit helps! I really appreciate it, and every bit that I'm given here I have to buy more supplies, like ink, pen tips, and different sized paper! This will also be access to some patron-only content of some of my favorite quotes that won't even be on tumblr!
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So chances are if you've seen me post something on a notecard, I still have it and am fully willing to sell it! Just let me know which one you want in a message--a link would be best but I'll figure it out
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  • Will write anything of your choice up to 15 words in a color of your choice!




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So you might know me as lettering-is-my-music or randomthingsthatilike123 on tumblr. I've been making a lot of calligraphy things over the past 8 months, and this past month y'all seem to be really interested in commissions! So, I decided to make a patreon! Btw--if there are any previous things that I have made that you've seen me post chances are I still have it! So feel free to ask about buying it.

(Btw if there's an ink you want any of this to be in feel free to buy one off of my amazon wishlist because some of these supplies are expensive so maybe you want to see them in a certain color that I currently don't own)
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Yo!!!!! That's 50 dollars more than I expected!!! At this point I would start experimenting with other styles of calligraphy and seeing if that's something y'all are interested in!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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