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About Christina Michelle

Most of you will have found your way here from our social media presence on Facebook. Ally was my Golden Retriever who I lost to cancer. She was both my best friend and inspiration.

I had so many things to say to Ally even after her passing that I started writing letters to her on our social media. This was received very well by our followers (The Ally pack) and so Letters To Ally was born. Letters To Ally gave way to a place where I could leave behind all the unspoken words I had left for Ally, since I could no longer tell her face to face. Anyone who had lost someone or a pet, who meant so much to them, is able to relate to the letters.

This is my journey. Thanks for joining me. Your donations by subscribing to us are appreciated.
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When I reach 150 Patrons, I will do once a month Q&A's live streams with Little O and myself.
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