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  • Ebook! A copy of my strength training handbook for beginners, with everything you need to know about getting started with fitness!

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  • Exclusive Content! Access to videos and workouts that nobody else gets to see! Plus behind the scenes photos and videos.
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  • Free Ebook! You'll also get a free copy of my strength training handbook, which covers everything a beginner needs to know!
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  • Personalized Experience! You get a structured, month-by-month workout routine, tailored to your body type and physical fitness needs.
  • Monthly Skype check-ins! Once a month we'll touch bases to talk about your fitness goals, and how we can modify your workouts to best suit you!




Fitness is for everyone, and The Level Grind makes it easy!

The Level Grind is an online wellness community, building a library of personal training content as well as providing evidence-based, no-bullshit info about what to eat, how to train, and what makes us healthy. The fitness and diet industries have spent decades piling up disinformation and making people try the "next big thing" in order to lose weight or build muscle...but that's not my goal. My goal is to help put an end to all the smoke and mirrors and help people establish a sustainable routine for taking care of themselves in the long run - and I need your help to make that happen.

Our videos will all be posted on both YouTube and Vid.me one week after they're unveiled for Patrons. There's no subscription required to view this content, and all I ask is that you consider becoming a patron as well, to get some of the awesome perks that The Level Grind provides!

Check out the Vidme channel HERE .
And YouTube HERE .

What Our Patrons Receive:
  • Weekly workout routines, for all skill levels, targeting different muscle groups. Patrons also get exclusive printable PDFs of all workouts!
  • Videos and vlogs, where I discuss health and wellness topics and answer your questions.
What Your Donation Pays For:
  • MORE! More videos, more topics, and eventually some eBooks (that my patrons will get exclusive first access to!)
  • Better Equipment, which means more variety in content (podcasts, better livestreams, etc.)

I'm not here to get you shredded in six weeks, or to turn you into Superman/Wonder Woman in a month. I'm here to build a community of like-minded geeks who want to better themselves, lift each other up, and reach their full potential.

Stand strong. Stand together.

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A small goal to start with, but one that I think we can hit really quickly! One step at a time, after all. I can't promise anything grandiose at ten patrons, but I will make an exclusive, patron-only video with ANY questions you want.
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