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these one are those who wish to just see the phots and not help me create my content. sad but true, some people just want it for the content, not the one making the content but thats ok!

You get access to already done cosplays 
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Pins are those who want to help me create more cosplay content

You get to see my In Progress Cosplays and my already finished Cosplays
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Cards are those who want to help me reach my goal of getting a new computer and art tablet!

You get access to my already finished cosplays and my cosplays that are in progress




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About [Lev]

Cosplay is just a passion of mine and i wanted to share it with others, now with the situation going on in the cosplay community at this very moment i know not a lot of people care about a cosplaying teen who just needs some extra cash here and there. i wont ask for a lot in fact ill go as low as the site will let me most likely so uh, feel free to help me get more cosplays done in the future. this also my open up possibilities of me getting a new computer and a drawing tablet so i can provide other things for all of you!
$19 of $25 per month
When i start earning 25 per month, pins and cards will have access to a new benifit where they can make suggestions for places that i can cosplay at (in my own area of corse, you can suggest maybe a park.) or characters that i can cosplay as!
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