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Hello lovely people,
here I am, LEVINA, with my music, my songs and my soul. If you like me and my music and you would like to support me, you can do so via patreon. You can pledge a comfortable amount each month. That will help me to focus on my life as a songwriter and singer and you will receive exclusive rewards for it :) Please watch my video for more details!

How does Patreon work?

Patreon is for the people who believe in my way of singing and songwriting and who want to support me financially:

  • You can support me and my music by making a monthly pledge
  • Your pledge can be as little or as much as you like
  • You are charged at the beginning of each month
  • You can cancel your pledge or change your pledge amount at any time

The Reason I Joined Patreon
I am a London-based singer, songwriter and I play the piano. I like to describe my style as Soulful Electronic Pop, but you will be able to make up your mind by listening to more of my songs :) To pursue a career in music I moved to London, the capital of music in Europe. I am in love with the city, I enjoy all the opportunities and the musical and creative vibe that I am surrounded by.

All I want to do is music - full time! I want to be able to make a living from it and share my songs with the world. I love writing songs, I love to sing and perform, get my songs out there and get management to eventually get signed. 

 YOUR monthly contribution will help and give me more freedom to focus on my music, including:
  • Write and produce new songs
  • Buying new equipment (e.g. keyboard, microphone, etc)
  • Paying session musicians for my original gigs (its hard to find good musicians who do work for free in London, which is understandable)
  • Paying rehearsal and recording studios, music producers, music videos
  • Paying social media geeks to help me take care of my twitter, instagram accounts (social media so important nowadays, and it’s not as easy to maintain as you would think and quite time consuming too)

So if YOU think that the music I create deserves to be supported, please feel free to pledge any amount that’s comfortable for you. And of course YOU get some special rewards from me in return!

My Music History

I have had professional classical singing lessons from when I was nine years old and started writing my own songs when I was twelve. I learnt playing the piano too and I spent hours writing songs in my room recording piano and vocals. After school I moved to London in 2010 to go to Tech Music Schools. I founded a 10 piece band called Miss Terry Blue (Pop/Funk/Soul), we gigged all over London and finally won a Battle of the Bands competition, called UNI Music League. This enabled us to work with a great producer Matt Lawrence, we released our EP and we had a management. But as things go in the music industry things didn’t work out, the management didn’t calculate right, and the band split up. 

Hush - Miss Terry Blue

Miss Terry Blue, Managers and Matt Lawrence outside Miloco Studios, 2012

Since 2014 I focus on my Solo Project LEVINA, concentrating on songwriting, performing, networking and collaborating with different producers. I have had some great gigs, like being featured on the new Planet Funk album (they had a big number 1 hit in the UK a while back called ‘Chase the Sun’ which then became a famous football hymn, maybe also familiar to dart fans ;) ), my song ‘By The Sea' got discovered by deep house producers, reproduced, and signed to CR2 Records a year ago. And another two collaborations with different producers will be released this year, one on Arrivals Records, and another one on New State Records, which should be exciting :)

My latest collaboration with Retrospekt & Platkovsky 'Divided'

I love collaborations, but moreover I am an solo-artist. At times I find it hard to find musicians and producers who can create the sound I want to make. And if I find them I can’t afford them. In November 2015 I have released my solo demo EP called ‘Bedroom Records'. Although it was a low budget project, I had to work hard for to be able to afford the musicians, the producers, mixing, mastering. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to realise my ideas 100%, as it would have been too pricey. So I finished my ‘Bedroom Records’ EP with the help of friends I love. You live and learn and now I am ready for a different approach :)

This is the single 'How to Dance' from my EP 'Bedroom Records':

In the past year I basically spent all my time organising, networking, arranging, producing, planning a music video, and promoting, while at the same time working as barista, vocal coach and acoustic performer. I perform acoustic gigs with my good friend and guitarist, as the duo 'A True Story'. This is our video showreel:

So let's start a new relationship, YOU and me via Patreon. YOU can follow, support and participate in my way as a Solo-Artist LEVINA and I'll promise to give you all my passion and musical ability to create the best songs for me and YOU!

Thank you and lots of love!
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