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You have our gratitude and respect for supporting us in progressing towards the fulfillment of our project.
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  • You will get to interact with the story, even though you will not make decisions that will affect the plot directly. You will be able to express your ideas through a vote in polls, that will help us on things we have not deceided yet.




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Hi, we are Lexah'arc, as everyone else, we too have dreams. Some may differ but on one we surely agree: "Being able to tell our stories the way we want". So far we have not found a platform that allowed us to do it as we wanted using text, images, animations and sound.

Here is where the project starts, with us telling stories that were once only inside our heads and now are words and images, while raising funds to be able to keep doing what we do, and maybe one day make this our dayjob and have our own platform.
We might not end up where we dreamed of, but we surely are going to try, even if it is going to take some time. We are well aware that our dream is an expensive one, so we are taking it slow paying respect to all the small steps inbetween us and our own storytelling-website.

Your patronage will allow us, in time, to create all this.

Our first step:

Is a sci-fi novel that touches thematics that concern the reality around us, destiny and finding the strenght to fight, everything with a fantasy interpretation.

As the setting keeps on evolving, it will take the shape that YOU, who backed us up, will choose on giving. Your partecipation to polls will make possible to outline the evolution of this project, defining the pace of the story, narrated sections and the readers' incisiveness.

We always wanted our content to be available to others, so if you want to know what it is all about go check it out  and if you like what you see then be our patron! You will get early access to our chapters as well as to their images, along with our endless gratitude.
With this in mind we encourage you to pledge as much or as little as you like, but also to keep an eye on how much you can pledge per month. If you cannot exceed a certain amount, then remember to set a maximum to donations per month so that you don't pledge more than you want or can.

Thank you
$1 of $20 per chapter
We would love to celebrate this early milestone with a wallpaper including every patreon who helped us reach this goal.
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