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About Lex Croucher

I make videos and write things. I think they're good(ish) and I hope you do too. Right now I'm splitting my focus between making video content (I'd love to make more scripted, properly produced content like the Adult Baby video above) and diving head-first into the world of the DREADED WRITTEN WORD. 

By signing up to my Patreon, you'll be getting access to:

  • Writing that I won't be posting anywhere else
  • Creative workshopping! I'd love us to get together online to write & chat over livestreams, share bits of what we're working on, critique each other, work to writing prompts together etc
  • Extra video snippets
  • My cold, dead heart

So if you a) like my content b) have the money to spare and c) are happy to support me in this way, I'd love and appreciate a contribution from you. If none of those things apply, you must be quite scared and confused. Have a biscuit.

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