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About Lex White

     Hi, my name is Lex White, and my passion is carrying on the Bluegrass, Folk, and Roots music traditions!  I was born in Grass Valley, CA, one of the west coast centers of traditional music, and raised in a family where the ring of the banjo and the chop of a mandolin were never far away.  I was steeped in the culture of Bluegrass festivals and the traditions of American folk music from a young age, before seriously picking up the guitar at the age of 15.  I've hardly put the darn thing down since, and the rest is history!

    I strongly believe that I was born to give music to the world, and that this gift must be given freely.  I prefer to release my works free of charge, under permissive licensing, to make my music as accessible as possible to the common man. I am a great supporter of pay-what-you-want models and voluntary, grass-roots methods of crowdfunding artistic projects.

     If you enjoy my music, the best way you can repay me is to share it with others who might enjoy it!  The world needs more love and light, and spreading art we love is a great way for anyone to make an easy and meaningful contribution.  The next best way is to help me continue making my art by making a voluntary financial contribution of any amount you like.

     I believe that every contribution you make to an artist, whether that be social, financial, or otherwise, is an investment in the future creative output of art that you love.  When you contribute to my work, you are investing in my life efforts to continue the tradition of American folk musics and share them around the world. You are repaying me for bringing something beautiful and new in to existence, and tell me that you think what I do is valuable. You are directly encouraging me to continue, and indirectly demonstrating to other artists that it is possible for them to do so as well. In essence, you are voting for the creation of art you like every time you are willing to give something to reward its existence. When you find something you think is beautiful, you can create the motivation for more people to spend more time making more beautiful things that you can enjoy. This kind of symbiosis is the fundamental key to creating a thriving music industry in a time when the old ways of the music industry are floundering.

     Thank you for your time!  I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoy making it!

Much love,
    Lex White
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