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I've been a music addict since I was 4.
My mother always tells the story of how I used to wake up late at night, hop on my Fisher-Price car, "drive" to the living room and put classical music records on our old gramophone. Come to think of it, I didn't change that much. Still not sleeping at nights, but now I mostly play my guitar to the moon and stars ;)
For the past year I've been playing more and more for you, my dear, special and amazing followers. I have recorded solo videos, duo videos with violinist Ariells Zeitlin, and special projects like my contemporary dance composition with dancer Almog Kidron. But I'm just warming up! 
Over the next month, my friends, you and I are going to take a monthly trip to the recording studio, to finally finish and release my debut album entitled "Return to Scarborough".
You heard me right: You and I. No record companies involved, no big boss managers and producers. Just me, and whoever wants to invest with me in this journey, however they want to do that. Are you with me? ;)

So, whoever chooses to join me, gets to pilot this ship with me. You will become my dearest, closest croud, my Patrons. How does it work?
It's actually really simple. You pledge any amount of money on a monthly basis. It can be as low as 1$ or as high as a billion (no, really, you shouldn't ;) ). I've got different tiers of rewards I give back to my patrons, depending on how much money you invest in my art. You can read all about those in the rewards section, on the coloumn to the right. They include the likes of early access to audio and video, guitar Skype lessons, album credits and even live video hangouts. 
You can stop giving me money whenever you choose, no hard feelings whatsoever. I thank each and every one of you for what you can, and choose to give. 
This is a turning point in my career, one that I find myself excited about. I am giving you the chance to invest in my guitar compostions, and will offer my heart and soul in return. I'm diving right in, who will follow? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who am I?
Well, if you're here you probably know who I am, but for those of you who stumbled in, I'll give a short need to know basis;)
My name is Liad, I live in Haifa, Israel. Was born here, wondered all around the country then came back full circle. I first started taking guitar lessons when I was 14. That was 25 years ago. I learned with 5 different teachers from Israel's finest, moved through a few musical genres. I did my B.Music in classical guitar, which I adore to this day. Bach is my favorite composer. Jimmy Page is my favorite guitarist. How weird is that? ;)

Do I have to pay in US dollars?
Nope. They prices on the Patreon site show in dollars, but can be converted when you pay from youe local currency. 

What does your music even sound like?
Well, most of my musical projects can be found on my artist page on FaceBook.
But I can give you a quick taste right now. This is my original Scarborough Fair recording, the one that influences my whole upcoming album. Check it out, people say it's one of the nicest Scarborough's on YouTube ;) 

How many times a month will you record/post a video?
Well, I post new videos on FaceBook on a weekly basis, but we're talking big projects here. That has to be 1-2 per month tops. This things take considerable amount of dedication (and money) to happen, so more than that will be impossible unfortunately.

What if I want to support more than the highest tier? 
Well, erm.. yeah, sure. You can simply write whatever amount you choose during the check out phase. And then I'll probably faint. 

What if I want to quit?
You are free to stop your investment in my art whenever you choose. No strings attached. 

Any more questions?
Simply send my an Email to: [email protected], I will answer as soon as I can.

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Recording my next track for the upcoming album "Return to Scarborough" !
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