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My name is Liana, I am an advocate for higher consciousness: Self-Realization, Conscious Relationships and Creative Self-Expression.
I am a believer in a better world for humanity - a world filled with love, kindness, and compassion.
I believe that each and one of us has the power to transform the world from within by healing and resolving our own individual issues that affect our mental, emotional and physical being.
As we heal ourselves from within we are then able to affect one another on a deeper more profound level by interacting with the living world and people in it from a place of unconditional love.
However such world cannot be created until we learn to listen to our intuition, believe in what we do not "See" and let go of the limiting beliefs that we were taught. When we allow ourselves to be free and healed, we tap into our full potential and are able to carry out our soul's life purpose to live in joy, bliss, and happiness.
This is my purpose, my passion, and my soul's mission.
To guide others from a place of my inner freedom and a relationship with my higher self.
Everything I do from my music to my artworks, to jewelry, to storytelling to conscious apparel is a channeled expression of my soul guiding people to find their own highest form and to be brave and bold about expressing it!
It is an expression of Love

Is an online platform for healing and transformation of the soul pioneered by me and other conscious creators dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet.
I am bringing people together to share their wisdom, their channeled messages, their healing abilities, and their creative gifts to give them the opportunity to heal and guide others in to their true potential. This is my self-funded humanitarian work as I call it and it is through this work that I am able to give energy readings, spiritual and emotional healing, energy clearing to others. My love and passion for energy work are what drives my existence and by becoming my supporter you are becoming a part of this community and a part of something much bigger and greater for the world. We are spiritual leaders that pave the way for human evolution through spiritual ascension.

This page is currently undergoing a complete transformation in order to facilitate my humanitarian cause for people on Earth. 

Liana De Laurent

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When I reach 1000 USD per month I will finally be able to buy the Art supplies I need to create little at home creative projects such as painting, sculpture, jewel crafting and anything else that comes from my heart. As right now I have absolutely no supplies to create from. This will get me started and I will be creating more videos of progress work as well as giveaway art prints!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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