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Conservatives on the SmartPhones

The smartphone is the most important object in one’s possession and it has already become the most important tool for video communication in the 21st century. LIBERTY 24/7 is a media company, which aims to build a popular platform (by the people, for the people), communicating conservative values for technologically savvy consumers. Our audience is made by young and adults people who have stopped watching cable television and use their smartphones, instead, for engaging in deep conversations about culture, politics, and religion. Romania and Eastern Europe is a very resourceful area, which can become part of the global conversation.
We are in stage one of development, with a first division based in Bucharest. Our future growth will help us connect Romania and an ever-growing Diaspora, which is full of talented people. Our second stage will connect Eastern European conservatives on a platform with a potential audience of one billion English-speaking people.
LIBERTY 24/7 will operate exclusively on the Internet with the help of the latest technologies, which enable a direct communication (via smartphones) between highly competent people, who have previously never been connected. VISUL ROMÂNESC will be a mainly VIDEO content media platform, activating the notion of citizenship journalism in the service of conservative values. Millions of people living in the United States, Canada, or Europe, are less willing to subscribe to costly services, from Netflix to traditional cable news programs, which provide them with little conservative content.