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Heya! I am LibraRaptor, but you all can refer to me as Libra. I am an aspiring game developer who has begun planning out my first game! Naturally with me having not yet actually been able to go to college or teach myself the basics, I have a long way to go!

I am a die-hard Sonic the Hedgehog fan, so it comes as no surprise that my first game happens to be a Sonic fan-game! Why Sonic, and why a fan-game? Why not do something original?
Well, as a beginner who is just learning my trade, original is quite a challenge. Original works require their own character models, as well as their own unique worlds and story-line. When working on a fan-game, it's much simpler. There's pre-created characters and a whole world that can be built upon. And as for 'Why Sonic?', that's easy! He's an iconic and well-known character with an easily expandable world! Also, he's my favorite game character, and naturally he has a large fan-base.
Another reason of 'Why Sonic?' is this: The fan-base and the Sonic Team of SEGA are often at odds, with the former of the two never really being impressed with the latter's creations. I believe that it's due to the lack of originality. Most of the games are comprised of extremely familiar game play and extremely limited character interactions. Ergo: they're not really interesting once you get past the story. I want to add a whole new cast of game play options and genres to see how the fanbase likes something new and interesting.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to interact and actually build relationships with other characters like Tails, or Amy, or even Shadow? To be able to walk up to any friend and say "Hey! Let's go on an adventure to Oil Ocean Zone!" and they go with you? Well, that's planned! Sonic Realm will have a fluid RPG-like environment where you can build relationships with any character, and how you act will matter! Good friends will follow you anywhere if you ask them to. And building relationships will help you in the long run, as certain characters have the ability to teach you new moves! Only when they trust you, of course!
Also, it would be nice to be able to actually play as Sonic, wouldn't it? In most games, you control him, but that's really all it is. You don't get to actually BE Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Realm allows you to play as your favorite blue-furred hedgehog, with set needs and requirements to meet! Sonic can get bored, hungry, tired, or even stir crazy if you keep him pent up! Make sure you take care of your hedgie!
It would also be nice to be able to openly explore any area or environment, without being forced to spring your way through while chasing down the Big Baddie of the Week, wouldn't it? Open world, not just a small lobby area with Run Levels and a small market. Sonic Realm is planned to be largely open-world, with exploration quests which allow you to unlock new challenging zones, awesome new friends, and a plethora of fashionable, equip-able accessories!
Naturally, it wouldn't be a Sonic game without Run Levels, so those are planned as well! When multiple Zones are unlocked by a player who is also an avid explorer, you will have the option to Fast Travel between Zones, or you can do a Run Level! Dashing through randomly generated courses will be fast-paced, exciting, and fresh.

So join me on this adventure as we try something new in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog!
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$3oo a month would have me well on my way to purchasing a computer capable of handling the Unity Engine! From there, I can begin exploring Game Developing and begin to work on Sonic Realm!
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