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No Post It Card - the monthly art postcard, handmade for you. This tier includes the shipping costs.

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You get one coloured frame similar to the ones in the pictures.  I will paint and assemble it specially for you. This tier includes shipping.




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Along time ago, when I started my career in Arts and Computer Arts, which is also know as "gaming", I had my own studio. Nowadays with a time consuming job in the games industry I still make Art, artful computer programs and sometime little experimental games, as you can see on my intagram, at and at  

Art should be mobile as someone pointed out. I think it must be mobile. I want to bring my art closer to you. 

But as you all know time is money, espacially in the Arts. With 500$ each month you support me to focus more in my research in the challenging fields between arts and computer medias.
$0 of $555 per month
If I reach 555$ per month I will prepare an exhibition of the current works with a catalog. I hope the catalog can be free for all the patreons - maybe you have to pay the shipping costs though.
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