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About Zee

"I really feel like what you give as rewards as a supported artist goes WAY beyond the value of the contributions I make. Its really appreciated but I really do feel overwhelmed by how generous you are." - Patron feedback

Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming my patron.

I'm Zee, a book artist & author/illustrator living in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. I love exploring through creative play and expression, particularly with collage and found materials. Being an ex-teacher, teaching and encouraging others is also a huge part of my work. 

I'm returning to my creative practice after a break, and seeking support to pursue my passion for artistic expression & play. 

By supporting me financially, you'll be helping me pursue depth and meaning in my work. It will also allow me to do more in the community - however, my focus is creative experimentation and play in my own work.

Having said that, I do look forward to becoming more involved in the arts community again. Some of the community & pro bono work I have done:
  • Author visits to schools to inspire children in their writing, illustrating and publishing.
  • A snail mail Facebook community to encourage creative expression and connection.
  • Free colouring pages for local events and organisations, including Artweek Auckland, Auckland Arts Festival, The Happiness Idea/Wellington Botanic Gardens & Auckland Heritage Festival.
  • Writing, publishing, and zine workshops for community groups and schools.
  • Educating new writers and encouraging them in their journey to publication.
  • Publishing stories and poems written by children, emerging writers, and non-writers.
  • Zines that share and promote other creatives.

What to expect from the patron-only feed:

You'll get a unique behind-the-scenes look at my process, inspiration, and work. I'll share any community work I do. If it's something my patrons want, I'm open to creating Q&A or process videos, too.

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