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About Finn Weddle

How do we quickly and effectively regenerate our landscape, and how do we do it in a way that makes sure we’re taking care of people?
Welcome to LiT, the podcast about livelihoods: the way in which a living is made. But not just any living - LiT is focused on permaculture enterprises which includes regenerative agriculture, localism, co-operative economy initiatives and more.

Why? Well, we want to know how people are creating a livelihood which is nourishing and sustaining for the self, the wider community and the whole planet, so that more of us can do the same. We want to hear more positive stories about lives being lived with a purpose, working in ways which have holistic benefits to every and all beings around us. Ultimately, we want to know what work looks like in a more permanent culture.

We are also interested in the business models that work, the legal structures that are supportive, and potentially obstructive, to good livelihoods being created, and the new and existing opportunities out there for newcomers to the broad church of movements trying to create regenerative cultures.

Life in Transition (LiT) is a series of interviews and audio profiles intended to create discussion about the way 'permaculture lifestyles' can become gainful livelihoods which shift the economy, and the overarching narrative, towards a more regenerative culture overall.

The series is split into three threads: 
Case Studies (e.g. CS01) - listen to me talk to the people who are managing successful businesses, creating surplus whilst bringing to life the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. We'll delve into their journey, their model, their finances and the legal issues facing certain types of business, so if you're looking for technical business geekery or uplifting success stories to change the world, keep your ear to the ground here;
Reflections (e.g. R01) - listen to me, and the many collaborators on this project, delve into the themes that have come up in recent episodes;
Discussions (e.g. D01) - listen to conversations with guests who have something to say which needs to be heard, or a burning desire to add their part into the conversation about the intersection between permaculture, livelihoods and lifestyle.

Our Story
We are a small team of permaculture enthusiasts and passion-driven creators, and we each have our own story to tell. Recording this podcast is part of our journey of discovering a path away from unstable, unsatisfying and unfulfilling employment where we undertake 'work' that doesn't nourish me. As such, this work is carried out in service to ourselves, as well as our audience, as we set out to seek/discover the ways in which one can find fulfilment, satisfaction and wholesome employment in turbulent times.

Against a backdrop of austerity and the associated loss of support available from governments and councils, as well as many other economic pressures facing more and more people in these times of great change, we hope to provide you, the listener, with inspiration for action. We’ll do this by giving you stories to mull over, ideas to digest and tangible, business-oriented solutions to the problems of climate adaptation and mitigation that we all need to face.

If we do this successfully, then we ask that you consider offering us a gift in return: one of patronage. This work costs us much effort and time; whilst this is never in vain, it is with much greater reward when we know it also pays the bills. If our work is meaningful to you in your life, or you just appreciate the amount of work we have put into this, then even a gift of £2 per month/per post will make it all the more sustainable for us.

The Vision
Our vision is one where people practising permaculture and regenerative agriculture (etc.) aren’t just working hard, burning up all their soul and heart energy, but they’re also in stable employment. A world where people doing this fantastic, awe-inspiring and necessary work are fully and gainfully employed, with all accompanying feelings of security, certainty and groundedness in their lives. But this alone isn't the goal itself; in achieving economic security, regenerative agriculturists, ecological designers, permaculturists and the rest could take significant control of the economy in such a way that we actually transition away our economic system from an extractive, degenerative system to one that’s repairing the planet and taking care of people. And we can do this. It would be a huge step, from an activist’s mindset/culture to a more mainstream-acceptable culture, and for some people right now that step is hard to comprehend. But for me, what it means is that people trying to make a big difference in the world are recognised for their work in a way that keeps themselves, and their families and communities, not just surviving and afloat but thriving and able to celebrate their achievements. I believe that if we all had the resources to look after each other in this way, this already powerful movement would be even stronger.
Thanks a lot for tuning in, your contributions help so much!

Thanks also to:
Helen Yeomans, composer ('Motherland', 'Unto This Land')
Mike Love, composer and artist ('Permanent Holiday')
My wee family, for their boundless patience between all the babba crying
Daniel Tyrkiel, who created Exploring the New Story and inspired me to take on podcasting - check out his work!
And many, many more inspiring voices along the way
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