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You are the milk and eggs to my blin. Every cent helps move slavness to global level.
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Supporting the channel with double the effort. Both of the two units of currency will go to get more food on the cutting board of Boris.

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You have little extra money in pocket for make this YouTube channel progress faster than fermenting kvass on hot summer day.




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Welcome to the Patreon support squad. These are the people who make the channel happen. You buy the milk and eggs for my blins. You give me chance to go to far ends of the earth to review places where nobody else ever goes. And you allow me to have the tech for the high quality videos while still maintaining maximum slavness.

Patreon is my main source for financial support for videos on the channel.
Support if you can. You make things happen.

Thank you!
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OOOY BLIN this is enough money to strike back at Vadim's construction noise!
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