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My name is Elisabet, and I am a Mexican American writer currently based out of SoCal. I am a self published author who enjoys playing god and writing all kinds of things
I am the proud author of 'the Chaos inside Me' my debut poetry collection out on Amazon on 11.8.18
I also have a collection of short stories called 'Trinity; three short stories' available to read Right now on paperback or kindle also on Amazon. (that I first published here)
I am currently working on my debut fantasy novel affectionately dubbed DaliahWIP as well as a PNR novel dubbed HxPWIP and a few other side projects.
I write poems and short stories that I love to share and I am always cooking something up.

I hope you decide to become my patron becyou'll not only support me by allowing me to write but by giving me hope that my words are reaching the world through you.

With lots of love,

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I want to reach people with stories and my words.
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