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About Life Where I'm From

The Past

The truth of the matter, is that I started this channel in April 2015 as a creative outlet. I used to produce videos for businesses back in Vancouver, Canada, and I missed making videos. Unlike those promo videos I used to make, this was purely for fun, trying to introduce the world to what different cultures are like from a child's perspective. Things got a little crazy from there.

The Present

Four years later, the Life Where I'm From Channel has 1,000,000 subscribers! Just amazing for something that started as a creative side project. As much as those numbers are impressive, you might be surprised to know that even ad revenue from millions of views a month can't support a family, let alone all the equipment and travel budget needed to produce 4K videos.

While the types of videos being made have diversified, the goal is still largely the same. Show people what everyday life is like around the world.

While some topics are simple to film from home, like showing what breakfast or bathrooms are like, certain topics require more research and planning. Stories about what types of homes average people can afford, what working life is like, or what it's like to be homeless simply take time (which like the saying goes, does cost money, especially for a freelancer like me).

The Future

If finances wold allow, I'd love to take this channel on the road to film the everyday lives of people in different countries. I'd want to visit some countries that don't normally get seen on YouTube, and once there train some locals and even provide them equipment, so that they could start their own channels.

Honestly, the fact that I can make these videos in the first place and have such great discussions has always been enough for me. Even if I don't hit my goals, I'll still continue to do this, but I'll just do it on the side as always, instead of full time.


While the vast majority of the content I create is free for the world to view, which I don't intend to change as my main goal is to show the world (regardless of their financial means) what life is like around the world, I do want to provide some special perks for those who are able to financially support (full list in the Rewards section).

Because so many viewers are young, and to make everything as accessible as possible, the most popular perk (deleted and behind-the-scenes) is at the lowest $1 level. There's still cool stuff at the higher ones, but if someone is willing to even give a $1 a month, I want them to get something beyond a monthly update.

As always, thanks for watching (and the support). What's life like where you're from?
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