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About Life with Chrissie

Hey guys!  I am so humbled that you would even consider supporting me in this journey! You all are why I create videos that I hope encourage you on this journey to live a simpler, more productive and joyful life! 

A little about me- I originally started YouTube to vlog my family and what I was going through as a woman, a mom, a wife.  Through that, I found my voice and a community that encourages me daily.  I hope to be able to give back to you all as much as I feel like I have benefited from you. I am now creating videos on mental and physical wellness, DIY and organization, product reviews and I still create vlogs.

Thanks again for the support and I look forward to getting to know you more!
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As I have gone through life, I have felt this sense of wanting to help people.  I have spent many years trying to figure out how with my personality, my life experiences, and my beliefs that would look specifically.  And through much soul searching and support of family and friends, I have found what gives me purpose and fulfills those dreams of helping others.  I love being able to share my life, experiences and what I have learned on YouTube to inspire others to live a simpler, more productive and joy-filled life.  I would like to make this my career and YouTube is just a stepping stone for other avenues.  

If I reach my $1,000 goal, it would allow me to not have to worry about working another job.  Essentially this will keep my household budget afloat.  I would love to spend all my energy on this, but unless it brings in an income I have to limit my time.  This course will help me speed up that process of YouTube bringing in an income for me and impacting other's lives.  

I truly appreciate even the smallest gift and this is honestly the HARDEST thing I've ever had to do.  I hate asking for help.  But I have learned we are all better when we work together.  So I'm pushing through all my fears about this and putting it out there.  Thank you again for your support.
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